Monday, February 4, 2013

Pool Lift Deadline Has Passed...Now What?

If you didn't know about the ADA pool lift requirements that were put into effect recently, here's what you need to know. Public pools and hot tubs need to have handicap accessibility as of January 31st, 2013. What does that mean?

Well, you'll need to get one of these or one of these:

Should you choose to not play ball with these regulations you'll be looking at a $55,000 fine. Needless to say, I'm guessing sales of these things have skyrocketed. More importantly, accessibility to a pool is going to be a lot easier for millions of Americans in the coming years.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Social Security Disability Benefits Links

Welcome to a glass half shattered...

This blog has been reclaimed and resuscitated, and will provide occasional updates on useful links for people dealing with a variety of disabilities. Our first update here will include links to a number of web pages for people who may be seeking help in getting a social security disability claim. The first set of links we'll cover for this today will be for the state of Michigan:
Some general links for social security legal help and other resources:
Any more disability and/or social security related links you'd like to see added?